Adult education

Pre-concert talks and Concert prevue's

Enhance your concert experience, learn more about the music presented at each concert through the Albany Symphony's two main pre-concert events, Vanguard Concert Prevue's and Concert Preludes.


Vanguard Concert Prevue: Music Director, David Alan Miller conducts  lively interactive interviews  with guest artists and visiting composers on Friday's at noon prior to each Albany Symphony concert. All sessions are held at the Albany Public Library, 161 Washington Ave, Albany.

Concert Prelude: One-hour prior to each weekend subscription concert David Alan Miller moderates an informal on-stage discussion with the evenings guest artists and visiting composers.

Composer To Center stage reading session

From the composers imagination to the center stage; discover the next generation of young composers as they have their works read and rehearsed for the first time by David Alan Miller and the Albany Symphony.  Held annually at the American Music Festival, each young composer will receive in depth coaching from the orchestra's celebrated resident composers.

For submission guidelines or to apply contact Matthew Clemens, Education and Community Engagement Coordinator at (518) 465-4755 or