A Centennial and a Bicentennial: Women's Suffrage and the Erie Canal

The National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House will commemorate the centennial of Women's Suffrage in conjunction with Erie Canal celebrations in July in their Votetilla Celebration. 

A group of canal boats will set out from Seneca Falls on July 16th and will end their voyage July 22nd at the Anthony Museum on Madison Street, making frequent stops along the way for programming and excursions, and allowing other boaters to join.

VoteTilla will be a vivid reminder of the work and cooperation required to secure the vote for women. Educational, historical, and civic organizations and community members of all ages can come together to host events, greet the passing boats, and participate in special events, on both land and water.
— Anthony Museum president & CEO, Deborah L Hughes

Votetilla immediately follows The Albany Symphony's Water Music NY Tour. The Water Music NY Tour includes special performances by The Albany Symphony, resident composers, and collaborating arists, celebrating the bicentennial of the Erie Canal.